Terrace Vegetable Tangshan Autumn Melon Cucumber bonsai Garden Planting Can Be Refreshing Fruit 20pcs in Bonsai from Home Garden

Terrace Vegetable Tangshan Autumn Melon Cucumber bonsai Garden Planting Can Be Refreshing Fruit 20pcs in Bonsai from Home Garden
Terrace Vegetable Tangshan Autumn Melon Cucumber bonsai Garden Planting Can Be Refreshing Fruit 20pcs in Bonsai from Home Garden
Terrace Vegetable Tangshan Autumn Melon Cucumber bonsai Garden Planting Can Be Refreshing Fruit 20pcs in Bonsai from Home Garden

Product Specification

Product Type: Bonsai

Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy

Style: Annual

Flowerpot: Excluded

Model Number: top

Function: Interest

Location: Courtyard

Climate: Temperate

Applicable Constellation: Aquarius

Full-bloom Period: summer

Use: Outdoor Plants

Type: Blooming Plants

Size: Small

Classification: top

Variety: top


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Product Type: Bonsai; Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy; Style: Annual; Flowerpot: Excluded; Model Number: top; Function: Interest; Location: Courtyard  ...

Terrace Vegetable Tangshan Autumn Melon Cucumber Bonsai ...

Terrace Vegetable Tangshan Autumn Melon Cucumber Bonsai Garden Planting Bonsai Can Be Refreshing Fruit Bonsai100. 4.8 (25 votes) Store: Shop3616122 ...

Terrace Vegetable Tangshan Autumn Melon Cucumber bonsai ...

Terrace Vegetable Tangshan Autumn Melon Cucumber bonsai Garden Planting Can Be Refreshing Fruit 20pcs Review.

TangShan Autumn Melon Cucumber Seeds Orange | Shopee ...

Terrace vegetable... easy to plant... bonsai... outdoor blooming plant, full ... NOTE: simple packing with no instructions included - Buy TangShan Autumn Melon ...

chapter 6: earthquake relief and reconstruction of tangshan

disease occurred in the summer and autumn of the following year. ... Tangshan's running water and the cabbage and turnip vegetable fields, ...... the Baihe River main dam and it corresponded to the lower part of the elevation terrace 124 m on.

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Light snow does fall at least once a year but major snowstorms are rare with the last ..... Two courtyards contain an archery range and vegetable gardens. .... Tangshan is a historical natural hot springs area in Nanjing and known as one of the ..... house with an entrance on the Park and also comprises an outside terrace .

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Aug 10, 2014 ... The Great Wall in autumn. ... Gezha, a kind of semi-finished food, is one of the famous foods in Tangshan, Hebei province ... After that, these pancakes are cut into pieces or stuffed with meat to fry or cook with other vegetables.

Commetns gdk-gulkevichi.ru :
Very little grains

Seller didnt send the parcel. Awful. Unacceptable

We went for a long time but hurray came)) next year we will sit down

good contact with supplier

Thank you.

Come just!

Fast delivery the seeds are noted to know who I have not planted it yet I will come back for another comment after that otherwise I recommend the seller

Thank you!

I recommend

The order went very long, came after the expiration of the extended protection period. The track was not tracked. Externally, the product corresponds to the description.

The product is not priyshov is not turned

Not received

After the harvest i will inform. Thank you.

Everything came, went more than a month is not tracked.

Ordered in may came in late july.

The goods were received but the delivery to adygea took a long time

Seeds came just soon to plant let's see what will grow

The goods did not come!!

Item not received

Delivery is very long to moscow (ordered 13 jan, came 12 apr)

The goods did not come


All in poketics and signed

Seeds all with pictures. a lot. The result will be seen in autumn. Thank you very much to the seller.

Seeds little .... delivery very long!!!

The goods came quickly, the seeds put more, well, what will grow we'll see

The goods did not come.

The parcel was received, packed well. The seller signed each bag, added a gift. I will plant and see the result. Thank you.

The seeds went long. Each bag signed + product photo

Package arrived

Seeds came in kind good many seller answered quickly all signed me all arranged

Time's up, but i didn't get anything. Money returned on dispute

Delivery 2 months. The quality of the goods is not known.

Let's wait for the harvest!

The goods did not reach

No seeds sprang

Get what will grow is not known

The product is not prishol

The order did not come.

Come all well

Not received the goods

Prorastud ili net neznaju eso

All came signed and with a photo! immediately planted all the seeds! Very good seeds recommend

The goods came in 2,5 months to central russia. The parcel was not tracked, delivered to the mailbox. The seller has extended the protection of the buyer several times. Let's see what grows.

Got it.

Not received, money returned

All the yak in the inventory .... came to reach shvidko .... i will saditi .... minologo roku zishli normally ....

Did not come

Grow-let's try.

The order did not come. Toli our post works so, toli bourgeois clamped seeds-in short, did not receive our urchrki. After 60 days opened a dispute and the money was returned.


Thank you, let's see what will grow

All perfectly waiting for sowing i recommend

I received a later review.

Whatcapdan yaza biler 706266564 satici tofsiiye edleri hele ekmemisik ekib neticeni yazacam maraglanmaq

In appearance, everything is good and by number even more the seller put well and about germination will write after. Shop reliable,,, all letters respond quickly

thanks, fine

Thank you for the return

Delivery to kazan two months! We will plant

Thank You see that вырастит

The goods did not come about three months

Received, but did not plant yet.

Great. Thank you.

Rose 3 out of 6 norm

Thank you very much. I recommend seller.

Seeds are similar to cucumber) by the number is normal, on each bag of mini-b/w photo of what should grow from these seeds) came relatively quickly) we will plant and hope, that something will grow) the seller recommend!!))

Everything is ok. Received the order, thank you!!! We'll try to plant.

I will try to sit down i will write later

Thank you. shipping is long. The seller put on the package excess. soaked. the processes of dali. the harvest will or will not be unknown.

The mower did not come.

Very accurate goods

Still not receiving my order

Not yet sown

Seeds are good that will grow in the summer.

Quantity was specified 100 pcs. It's 20.

Delivery to moscow more than 2 months. Germination %. Let's look at the result

Thank you

Seeds didn't come. Returned money through the dispute. several types ordered. But for some reason for 1 did not return.

The appearance of seeds is very good. We'll find out about germination in a month.

Thank you very much to the seller for the excellent service. I liked everything. We will grow, then add more feedback.


The parcel went very long.

Fast shipping. Good store. Ordered different varieties of plants. Haven't tried to plant yet. Seller thanks, good luck and prosperity.

Seeds are good. Well packed. Thank you to the seller.

All got, part already planted) che will grow-look)

Thank you the goods received, waiting for the results of the harvest.

Packed, signed for 2 months

It has not yet been planted

I received my order more than to try to see if it works then it grows. thank you. aliepress

Went long!

The seeds of cucumbers, came, i will add that from them will grow.

Seeds are good, planted, came out well, waiting for the harvest!

Fast, not yet pissing

The goods did not come!

Lots of seeds. Packing is sealed. What will grow i do not know, did not plant yet.

Order not received.

All ok


The product did not arrive.

Thanks will grow

All came to the seller thank you

OK !

The goods did not receive, the track was not tracked. The money was returned.

Seeds came, look good, let's see what will grow!

I got the seeds. Packed in a transparent thin package. They threw it in the mailbox.

Packed perfectly, package waterproof. I will judge the germination later, the store is happy. Thank you seller :)

Seeds didn't come.

Se potrivește cu descrierea. Multumesc

Seeds went for a very long time. but already managed to plant. the germination is 100 percent that pleases. it remains to wait for what will grow)


Order received. Thank You

Put more than 20 seeds -- 25

Very long shipping

Lots of cucumbers.

Long gone

The parcel did not come, ali decided a dispute in my favor.

Order received. Packed seeds well, indicating which package. On the way the package was long, about 3 months, but came to the mailbox.

Item not delivered, money returned

For shipping

Ordered in may, came two days before the first september. Bitch on time!

The goods never arrived. Sorry. The dispute opened, at the request of the seller closed. the goods are not and no.

Just for the season, the seller tried to deliver in time!!! thank you!!! i wish you success on sale!!

neprisol tovar

Almost everything has risen. They look like cucumbers. To taste i will find out in a month and a half.

Thank you very much, i will grow

The order was issued on february 16. a total of 12 items in the amount of 121,66 rubles. received in the mailbox on april 16. the seller did not send-days 10, then the tracking was on the whale .. in russia-no. Seeds all in bags-with photo varieties. I discharge the seeds for the 3rd time. germination in vegetables is always good. only cucumbers do not come out as in the picture. let's see these. but i write out the flowers, and they did not come up before, at all. let's look at these 2 varieties, how will they behave. Seller thanks, for the inexpensive price. all put in one package. i recommend.

Seeds came to belarus for a month, belmail parcel was not tracked. The parcel was put in the mailbox. All as stated in the description. I have not planted yet, so i can not write about germination. Later i will add a review

The seeds are good, the next day there was a sprout.

Finally came or seeds. i will plant then add a review

The parcel was lost in russia...

Long shipping

Thank you all came in good condition. The goods came just during tomorrow i will plant! I will add feedback after harvest!

Fast delivery to Slovak republic. Satisfied. Recomended seller.

Mind long шла parcel, think late plant. 14.06.2019.

I ordered on january 31. The goods did not come, but the seller was in touch. There was a refund

very thanks

Urun arrived very nicely packed, the weather is very hot a few weeks later ekecem

The product corresponds to the description

Thank you very much

In go, but a small amount. Very long shipment

Everything is fine, the goods are delivered. Seller recommend!

Nothing came up at all...

Got it, let's see how it goes.

The seeds germinated in the ground. Let's see what will grow

Very long walk.

The goods never came, but the seller returned the money.

very good

Excellent seeds, everything comes in optimal condition, thanks

Salam urun thesis came at a time to the seller the gift that pleases you, my friend

The parcel arrived more than 2 months!!! It is not good!!!! The track was not tracked, the seller did not communicate. Seeds look normal. But more details should show time!

order for 20, all arrived. good for the garden.

I receive the delivery even if there is no tracking number but I do not swear what is guaranteed I receive the delivery I receive the delivery I also advise you to relax your conscience if you want to relax your conscience write the tracking number you also saved us thank you if we didn't get a job

Goods is OK

Instead of cucumber seeds came eggplant seeds. By number even more than written.

The seller did not send the goods .... Finished seller

Thank you very much to the seller came the seeds during.

The goods did not receive, waiting for refund

Nothing grows

Everything is fine!

The goods did not receive, the money was returned.

Astayotsa naskolk tochno tovar

After 10 days seems promising

We walked for a long time, we will look as they say, semechek more than 20 this +

The parcel did not come, the money was returned.

The product corresponds to the description, delivery to moscow 2 months (lowered in the mailbox).

I did not receive the goods, i did not have time to open the dispute, so i remained without the goods, and without money. To say how accurate the description was, of course, i can not.

The parcel went more than two months already did not particularly hope to receive, but still came. Well packed. Seeds all signed. Everything is fine!


Seller umnichka, all seeds with pictures. Put it, let's see.

They went fast. they came in a month.

Seeds went for more than a month, let's see what will grow.

Each seed bag is attached to a picture with a picture so as not to confuse.

No product why write a review, stupid

I planted 5 days ago, something got out, but that is not yet clear)

Everything came, and what happens-we'll see.

Quickly delivered

It didn't come. The money was returned.

just as described

Not track the goods way

fast delivery

Money returned

Seklytes gavau. Ziuresim kas uzaugs


Everything came



Order from 18.02.19 received 23.04.19.

The producer just sent well quickly. Prishol order also quickly and seller sociable

It came quickly, everything is fine.

Thank You

Seller recommend

Seeds are fresh, in the way were almost 3 months. On the appearance of good selection, we will plant, let's see what will grow, i will add a tip.

The goods did not receive, i can not estimate.

Seeds went for a very long time, we will germinate

Package did not come open dispute money returned

He was in vaxt. Hələ əkilməyib.


Did not receive returned money

Received-now i will wait for cucumber. thanks to the seller huge ..

The order came quickly, despite the fact that it was small, for a ridiculous amount

Long walked

Package received, thanks to the seller.

Product received thanks for the seller but very long for almost 2 months

The seeds did not come, the seller was silent, the money was returned!

In time laid down, not tracked, more until i say

The goods did not come. The seller did not reply to the request to extend the lead time.

Extremely dishonest, mean and shady seller. They failed to deliver the order in time, when I reminded them politely that the oreder had not been delivered, they did not reply to me , instead they extended they delivery time by a month without my consent. Before the first extension went out, they extended the delivery time yet again without even bothering to inform me. At the end of the second extension, I had to open a dispute and aliexpress had to step in to force them to refund me 3 months after the order was placed.

Seeds came, let's see what will grow

The seeds are well packed, came just to sowing. Thank you very much!

I never got the seeds.

The product did not reach my side. Please refund the fee.

Order did not come

The parcel went for a long time, i do not know the quality yet.

Product not reached, cash register was not returned and zero contact seller-do not recommend

My cucumbers came for 2 months. The seller is sociable, thank you.

The item was not shipped. The seller looks like a fraud

Seeds like seeds that sow then and reap ....

Until received

Ascended well

Got everything on the list. In appearance, everything is fine, how to behave in the garden, and what will grow, it's a matter of time.

All got signed and well packed. But i had to wait a long time. I did not shoot the star, because it was not in haste. Seller recommend.

Everything came, within 2 months.

High quality seeds. All carefully selected, no empty. Seller recommend!

Seeds came, delivery bystrayas sowing, i will add a review

The goods did not come, but the money was returned

Long shol of 20 rose 5

Very good quality, arrived without problems

The product did not come, opened dispute ali returned money, the seller do not recommend.

Seeds received. delivery 2 months. seller thanks.

translation in Dutch not understandable but it grows and I am curious ;-)

Of how many there, 20 seeds... planted 7. in 2 weeks rose 1. the size of the seeds is not similar to the size of cucumbers in the picture. And more russian, and what, white striped cucumbers you no longer grow... crispy... so send me...

Delivery more than two months. Seeds are really cucumber. A bag with families is marked with a photo that it is they. I recommend the seller and the product.


The seeds did not come very upset, the sowing season was torn

Got it. Let's sit down and see what happens.

Everything came. Until they germinated. Thank you.

The item is not received

Related seller of

Products did not come gray product seller did not even respond

I advise this seller.

All as in the description

The goods did not come back the money

Delivery 2 months to ukraine. Each bag has a label with a photo and product name. I will write about germination after sowing.

Seeds boneless nothing rose the seller sent out in a month three months delivery was and in the end all in vain

Thank you very much!

Thank you, quickly and accurately according to the description. Now let's see what will grow.

Parcel did not come, seller deceiver

Robust seller Super product Thanks


Thank you!!


The seeds came. In appearance, cucumbers. Now i'm waiting for what will grow. Seller, thank you!

The goods received, corresponds to the description. Delivery is very long. Ordered in january, received in april. I'll sow. Let's see what happens.

Long shipping

Item no

Get, get... I don't know what happens. But there are seeds, a leaf with a description attached, with a picture of cucumbers.

Excellent ascended

I have to click on one star to somehow inform you that the goods have not yet arrived.

The parcel went for a long time, ordered february 3-came on april 2. Packed well, to each bag with seeds stapler pinned paper with c/b photo and description in english. Seeds in bags decently, let's see what goes up. Seller Thank you and 5 + + + + + + + + + + + +

Seeds do not germinate seller put defective

No item money returned


I did not receive the order. The money was returned.


Seeds look good, everything is fine. i advise everyone.

5 pieces threw, because. The seeds were damaged.

There is no description-for what purposes it is a variety of cucumbers-quake. Salt. Salad.

Picture on seeds is not clear

The product corresponds to the description

I have not received set ordered

The seller is a deceiver, the goods never came and the protection he does not renew!!!!!! Pm do not advise

Labai outlet sudygo, Patys daigai Tokie tvirti.

Salam doslar toxums arrived amma satci cox gec sent smslere cavab did not send in the new

All right i'm happy

The seeds came. That will grow to complement.

Ok! Fast shipping. But we'll check it next year.

We walked for a very long time, we will already. Plant on the trail. year

Try напишу

It took a long time, but it came. Let's see what happens

Perfect, fast shipping and all seeds are packed separately with a label to identify

The seller is well done, sent everything very fast, everything is accurate. Seller recommend.

Not what did not grow


Seeds of good quality, packaged and marked photos that pts convenient. we will sit down, let's see what will grow)))

All ok!!!!

It came. Planted seeds.

Only received

Nothing came

Thank you order received.

Seller recommend

The seeds look good, what will be the harvest in the summer.

The goods did not come, the money was returned

Seeds a lot, thank you!!!

Didn’t have eny cucumber

Nothing sprouted and did not rise


Scammers of small dignity.

Uncle seller for delivery everything is fine, packing good, the mower came shvidko

The store is satisfied. the package arrived intact. there is sufficient number of seeds available for the money now add comments after.


The goods did not come, the money was returned!

Seeds came quickly. Lots of empty. I will not sit down this year, it's too late.

Seeds received, thank you very much.

Delivery is very long. The goods are satisfied. thanks to the seller.

The order was long but eventually received.

All delivered quickly, thank you very much to the seller

You can take boldly!

Order to s-pb went more than 2 months. Seeds look good, planted in early may. After 3 days i got up, soon i will plant the seedlings in the greenhouse and wait for the harvest.

Cucumbers came all super!

The order was made on january 27, came on may 22. 4 months is a record for the duration of delivery. Apparently, on foot carried.

Not a single family

I do not want to give stupid reviews of the type came quickly, first i will plant the harvest then and talk and generally fools who believe that the review is to write about the speed of the parcel

I live in birobidzhan. Semina ordered january 27 came on may 2 just to land

The parcel came quickly enough. The parcel was tracked. Seed quality is good. Cucumbers, melons. Thank you very much to the seller!

The order came for a month. All seeds in bags with a picture and name. i recommend the seller.

The seller is sociable. Sowing tomatoes have risen, let's see how it will rise.

Looks good

Goods received, thank you

The goods are received that will grow will write later

As far as the description of the goods is accurate, i can not answer. Since the goods did not come. The dispute was opened, the money was returned. I will not sin the seller. Although the seller did not communicate. I put five stars just like that. Maybe the seller is not to blame. He risked and the one who buys.

Not otrzymałam these seeds.

Paid 12.05, received 09.07, russia delivery was not tracked. In the package more than 30 seeds, but there are empty. The seeds look old. But i have been buying cucumber seeds on aliexpress for 2 years and always happy with the harvest. Whether these seeds are good, time will show.

Other seeds

Everything is ok!

We didn't. Money returned

Kilekist bilsha of the ordered, seller uncle!

Already such a variety planted, seeds then collected so eaten rats

Delivery 3 months! Very long!

All as in the description. Thank you.

Toaar did not come

When вырастит напишу tip



Put 39 pcs. thanks.

Thnx Seller for the fast shipment

not received

Посадим, see.

Sorry came late

I'm very satisfied

Corresponds to the description. Seeds planted. I'll sign it later.

The parcel went for a long time but came intact and safe. next year we'll see the result

The product doesn't grow, but it didn't, even though I followed the advice.

Seeds look like cucumber,

Item not received. Returned money

The goods came. Thank you very much. Seller recommend.

The goods are not present and apparently will not be this not the news of the ugly producer

Soaked them in a napkin, as usual, their sprouts, and these none of the seeds did not sprout, threw away!!! Do not buy more!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything came, but for a long time! 2,5 months to the yaroslavl province!!! Seeds with excess, but that's what will rise and grow ??? Waiting for the harvest!

I ordered on march 4, i received on april 5. All on the list. The seller asked to increase the order, i finished, the orders were combined. In general, i recommend the seller. Let's sit down, see what goes up.


Objednaná Semena jsem doposud neobdržel.

Thank you all came i do not know how to germinate but the seller 5 stars

Ačiū. Visos sėklos tvarkingai sudėtos su aprašymu. Užsakyta 02.21 gauta 04.30.

Everything is ok.

Specially ordered in advance, but the post office decided that me. Like haha. To the seller there are no questions, all the norms, only a little longan seeds are damaged, but hope not critical. Shipped quickly, seller sociable

Very long shipping.

The parcel was 1,5 months old.

Not come but money returned

Deceiver seller

Fast shipping

Today came seeds, cancel dispute, shipping long, but it is our post fault, thank you for the seeds, they are cool

The seeds are dense, good, already tried to germinate, the quality of the fruits only after the time comes to harvest. Let's watch

Thanks you bought the products delivered. But the product would be better if the admissions were more

Thank you very much


Mulțumesc. Sunt pentru la primăvară!

Order not received, money not returned

Nothing came up

Seeds packed perfectly;)

Everything came

Seeds did not come, but money returned

Seeds are similar to cucumber seeds, i will try to plant :)

The order went a very long time thought that i would not get it at all since the seller did not extend the protection period of the buyer and the order closed

Seeds came to plant in the spring, delivery 2 months to armavir, the seller sent the goods quickly, the post of russia at "height"

Cucumbers rose almost everything that was planted on the seedlings. The greenhouse is growing up now. So you can take

Delivery 2 months. And almost 10 days collected the parcel all signed. Seeds like seeds, let's see what grows

The product did not come to my request to extend the delivery time the seller did not respond, the seller do not recommend

They did not communicate with the seller on the third day.

Seeds got. That will grow to know later

Of 20 cucumbers, the growth of dali 2, went a long time

Thank you very much we will try

Seeds did not come at all

The seeds look good, i'll see how they will rise. Seller recommend.

Feedback only after harvest.

Nothing has grown

The goods did not come. Returned the money.

The seeds are clean, like pepper and cucumbers. All signed. The seller is well done.

I did not receive the order, so i can not mark its compliance with the description. Thank you for the decision to return the money.

Everything is fine-thank you very much

Something is growing, waiting.

Got it. What will grow to look.

All the way

Shipping 29.01. 19 to 03.04.19. thanks to the seller


Everything came. Seeds are beautiful, thank you recommend

Walked three months

Oooochen long shipping. We'll see what to throw away.

Ordered 10 packs of different seeds. None of them came. I did not receive the order.

Germination is excellent! Checked. Corresponds to the description. I recommend.

Seeds look good. Mail was late for three months!!! We did not wait!!!

I planted seeds and there is nothing to grow, i'm in the rostroic feelings, 7 bushes of a single parastka

Received the order quickly, thank you.

Semiana good in appearance

Came for a month. Put it in the mailbox. I just have time to plant in the open ground. I'll write what happened.

Everything came, thank you. With photos and signatures

We will sow

That will grow will show time

The seeds came well. Looks all right. I did not check for germination.

All seeds came 14 days before penza. Seeds of excellent quality. No damage. The seller sent one parcel. Very sociable seller. All seeds are signed, specified number of pieces, also there is a picture. I recommend

The seeds were not sent. The seller is not profitable, i expect a refund.

The order did not reach.


It's okay, let's see. That will grow

That's what cucumbers collected))) sweet and tasty

Not grows yet

Unfortunately, i wrote a letter about the extension of protection 8 hours before the closing of the order. The order never came. I did not like it, so the score is a unit. The order was closed, and i do not have the goods

Came quickly. there are a lot of seeds in the package

Excellent seeds

The exact description of e all went well for a long 1.5 months

The goods did not receive the money returned

Sent in time. Thank you very much.

Got it, it's okay.

It's time, everything is intact

Nice product.

תדה very much

Accidentally confirmed receipt but the goods did not arrive

Seeds came in accordance with the application

Everything is neatly packed, thank you! Good luck in business!

The seeds came into the mailbox. The parcel was 2 months old. The parcel was not tracked.

No seeds, it took more than 4 months from the date of the order, ordered on february 12, 19. The seller extended the protection, but the goods never came.

Thank you. everything came exactly. all in one parcel.